Workshops Africa 2003 Australia 2004 India 2005 South America 2014

HOME is a global project that started in 2002. In Germany I collected over 200 sketches from students aged 7 to 12. They all took drawings from the house they live in. In 2003 I travelled to South Africa and conducted workshops with over 300 children. After collecting the drawings of their houses, they took one of the German drafts and got a piece of clay to build a German house. After all I had about 300 German houses built including some in round forms like Rondavels. With the South African drawings I repeated the workshops a year later in Australia and got 300 South African houses built. Another year later Australian houses have been built in India. After the workshops all the new built houses were shown in a site-specific installation and than packed and shipped to Cologne. Some day all the houses will be shown in one big installation.